The key to our success and growth over the past four decades has been the ability to keep on the leading edge of innovation and trends in print technologies and processes while staying true to our roots and providing the high quality printing services and customer service that our clients expect and deserve.

Our accreditation’s and memberships are proof of our commitment to ongoing quality, which is inherent in our philosophy of print excellence.

Print Industries Federation of South Africa (PIFSA)

high quality printing services - pifsaIn support of our values and to assure our clients that we abide by sound corporate governance principles, Shereno is an accredited member of the authoritative printing body, PIFSA. As a member, we have subscribed to a formal pledge that demonstrates our commitment to integrity, fairness, social responsibility, professionalism and sustainability in everything that we do.

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Proudly South African

psaBeing a Proudly South African company means embracing the ideals of empowerment and economic growth which is embodied in the way we deliver our services, the quality of the finished products we produce and the way in which we treat our staff. In addition, we have a policy in place to support local small businesses to the extent that many of the products that are required in our production processes are sourced from such companies despite the industry being dominated by large commodity suppliers.

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Quality Assurance

Quality management and control is a big part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that our clients get what they want, at the quality they expect, and in the time that they need it. We have adopted a no-compromise approach in our design and production quality which is governed by a quality management system that is recognised by each and every one of our employees. We are currently in the process of working towards ISO 9001 certification to further strengthen our position as a top printing company in South Africa.

HP Global Forum (Dscoop)

As a member of Dscoop, Shereno is in contact with a global network of HP Graphic Arts users, giving us access to the latest developments in the digital printing industry, including trends, training and educational tools, and more.