Our History

Our print excellence journey…

Looking back to the early days of printing as it was when Shereno Printers first began; it’s easy to see how far we’ve come in our journey towards becoming one of the few commercial printing companies that can truly say that we have grown up along with the technology.

Our history is important to today’s story in that it shows the extent to which quality and a passion for leading the way has underpinned everything that we’ve done in the past 48 years.

In the beginning: 1966 – 1990

Out of the minds and aspirations of Jaghit and Rennie Singh, Shereno Printers was born – a single colour print shop operating out of a single 30-40m2 room with only 5 employees on their payroll. As business started to take off for the young printing company, Jaghit and Rennie kept their eyes on developments in the industry, eventually moving into a 200m2 operation located in Actonville, Benoni in 1971.

Somewhere in the middle: 1991 – 1999

In 1992, family members Niran and Kamal Singh took over the reins of leadership, having worked in the shop from a very young age. Together, they took the business upwards (literally), taking over the upstairs unit of the Actonville premises and increasing their operations to 400m2. At this point, their staff complement had grown to 20 employees.

In 1994, Shereno bought their first multi-colour press, marking a significant milestone in Shereno’s history, as well as in South Africa’s history.

Living in the present: 2000 – 2014

The key point in our journey occurred in 2000, when Shereno moved its entire operations to Dunswart, Boksburg – where we remain to this day – leaping from a meagre 400m2 to 1000m2. Since then, we have expanded our operations to make way for new technologies and production processes that have allowed us to offer the broad spectrum of top printing services that we do today.

In 2011, Shereno commissioned a new digital embossing machine, the first and only one in Africa at the time. We subsequently added a braille printer to our world-class printing house, being the first ever commercial company in South Africa to do so.

Today, our operations cover an impressive 17 500m2, employing in excess of 200 people, with additional satellite offices based in Pretoria.

The future as we see it: 2015 and beyond

We don’t have a crystal ball to see what the future holds, but we do have the passion and drive to build up an imaginative look at where Shereno Printers is headed. As our vision to be on the forefront of defining print excellence and delivering superior service continues to be the cornerstone of our operations, we aim to ensure not only that we continue on our journey, but that it only gets better from here.

In the next year, we intend to expand our Pretoria base of operations and plans are underway to increase our footprint into Africa. And who knows, maybe after that – world domination?

But isn’t print dead?

As technology continues to move at a hare’s pace, many are starting to consider print as a dying medium. Don’t be fooled though, print is not dead – it’s just getting smarter, and we’re moving with the times.