To really understand what we mean when we say that we are ‘mastering the art of print excellence’, you need to get a taste of what we can actually do. For us, it’s not a question of ‘can we do it?’ – we know we can, and we’ve got the printing technology to prove it. We pride ourselves on being one of the few independent print and design companies in Gauteng that is able to offer the widest range of printing, layout, design and finishing services under one roof. All our design and production is carried out in-house to our exacting standards by a team of qualified and experienced machine operators.

For us, meeting tight deadlines is not a challenge – it’s a promise. Our shift work structure, combined with state-of-the-art equipment for pre-production and production processes allows us to maximise output and has positioned us as one of the fastest print houses around.

Our machine capability allows us to offer all spheres of printing from single colour to full colour in a range of sizes extending from A9 to A0. We can also handle anything from short print runs to large format digital printing in a variety of styles and finishes to bring your project to life.

Some of our technological capabilities include…

2 10-colour A1 Reel to sheet Heidelberg presses
1 5-colour A1 M600 Web
1 4-colour A1 Komori Web
1 4-colour A2 Heidelberg Web 8
1 4-colour A1 Heidelberg Web 16
2 6-colour A1 Sheet-feed presses
1 5-colour + coater A1 Sheet-fed press
1 2-colour A1 Sheet-fed press
1 4-colour A2 Sheet-fed press
1 4-colour A3 DI printing machine
2 Full colour A3 Indigo digital presses
3 Single colour A2 Kord sheet-fed presses
1 Single colour A3 GTO sheet-fed press
1 Single colour A3 Hamada Star Press
1 Gloss or matt A0+ Laminating machine
2 Poster-mounting machines A1
1 Full colour A3 Risograph digital combination printer
1 Full colour flatbed printer A0+ Digital printer that prints on most flat material
(i.e. boards, incl. cardboard, xanita, glass, wood, Perspex, forex, corex, steel, aluminium)
1 Digital die-cutter A0+ Cuts board, cardboard, vinyl, papers, xanita board
1 Large volume Braillo 650 SF braille printer
1 Single sheet Everest-D  V4 braille printer

Together with plattens for numbering, perforating and scoring, etc.

All this printing capability affords us the capacity to offer our services for large and small jobs alike, in turnaround times that amaze our most scrupulous clients.